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Three simple steps to protect what’s yours.

Photograph of each room in your residence, making certain to capture all items of any value. Store pictures off premises so that in the event of a loss you will have a reliable record of lost or damaged personal property.

Always back-up your computer after use. Use two backup sources, alternating between the two. Keep one safely off premises. In the event of loss or damage to your premises, you will always have a means to restore your data.
Re-appraise articles covered under your personal articles or personal property floater on a regular basis. Your insurance will pay the lesser of the insured amount on your policy or the actual replacement cost of the item. For example, if you are insuring a gold ring on your floater policy and the price of gold drops significantly, in the event of a claim the policy will generally pay the replacement cost, which in this illustration, is lower than the insured value. You would then have purchased more coverage than you needed and more than the amount recoverable under your policy.

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